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  Foster Training Schedules

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Regional Pre-Service & Ongoing Trainings

  • All foster parents must be licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services;

  • You must be at least 21 years of age to foster;

  • You may be married, single or divorced;

  • you may have other children;

  • You may own or rent your home or apartment, each child must have their own bed;

  • You must have income sufficient to meet the basic needs of the household;

  • Security clearances, fingerprints, medical exam and psychological exams are required;

  • Committed to caring for children;

  • Able to accept children as they are and work as a team with birth family and agency staff; and

  • Able to provide support and be a strong role model.


  • You must complete 24 hours of Pre-Service training.  Trumbull County Children Services offers the Pre-Service training at least three times per year and also requires prospective foster families to complete an additional six hours of training on Agency policies and Family-to-Family.  If you are married or have a domestic partner, both of you must complete the training;

  • You must complete a home study with an assessor, which includes a home safety audit and several interviews;

  • Provide a list of references and financial information;

  • Complete a BCI and FBI check and security clearances; and

  • Complete a psychological evaluation.

Trumbull County licenses all of our foster families as "foster-to-adopt."  In the event that reunification with the birth family is not possible and the agency obtains permanent custody, an adoption plan is made for the child.  If a Trumbull County Children Services foster caregiver is identified as an adoptive placement for a child in our Agency's permanent custody, there are no fees associated with the home study.

If you are interested in adopting a child listed on our Web site in need of an adoptive home, please contact our agency at (330) 372-2010 for more information.  In addition, the Ohio Adoptive Guide: A Handbook for prospective adoptive families, is a valuable resource for families with questions regarding adoption.

CPR/First Aid Training

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