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Family Team

About the Family 2 Family Program


In Trumbull County, foster parents and birth parents have regular meetings to ensure a proper adjustment to a child’s foster care placement.  

  • What should the child call the foster parent?

  • What does the child like to eat?

  • What are the child’s sleeping habits?

  • Does the child have a favorite hobby or interest?

They discuss the child’s likes and dislikes, including:​To do what is best for the child, birth and foster parents set up visitation schedules and learn about each other’s fears and concerns.  Foster parents, birth parents and community and child-serving agencies continue to explore new ways to lessen this trauma through their Family-to-Family relationship.

Family Team Meetings


The goals of the Family-to-Family Program are:

  • A reduction in the number of children serviced in institutional and congregate care.

  • A shift of resources from institutional and congregate care to family foster care and family-centered services across all family and child serving agencies.

  • A decrease in the length of stay in the out-of-home placement.

  • An increase in the number of planned reunifications.

  • A decrease in the number of unplanned re-entries into care.

  • A decrease in the number of placement disruptions.

  • A reduction in the total number of children served away from their own families.

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