Trumbull County Children Services recommends that all foster caregivers download all PDFs for your records.

Foster Caregiver Rules & Policies
Complete Manual - May 2022

Indexed Chapters of Foster Care Rules & Policies

1.     Foster Care Policy

2.     Confidentiality Policy 
3.     Position Description – Foster Caregiver
4.     Policy on Foster Caregiver Assessment Activities
5.     Process for Simultaneously Approving Foster Care & Adoptive Placement
6.     Site & Safety Policy
7.     Psychotropic Medication Policy & Procedure
8.     Care, Supervision, & Discipline Policy
9.     Religious Participation, Socialization, & Education Policy
10.   Consumer Complaint Resolution Policy, Procedure, & Exhibits
11.   Notification of Convictions of 12 to 18-Year-Old Policy
12.   Payment to Foster Caregiver Policy
13.   Normalcy & Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard
14.   Approved Mileage Requirement
15.   Destruction of Property Caused by Foster Children Policy
16.   Liability Insurance, Legal Representation, Legal Fees, Counseling
Legal Advocacy for Foster Parents

17.   Third Party Investigation Policy
18.   Accessibility to Administrator Policy
19.   Notification to the Custodial Agency of Incidents with Foster
Children Policy
and Procedure

20.   Care & Treatment Team
21.   Good Cause for Foster Caregiver Failure to Complete Required Training Policy
22.   Discharge Policy
23.   Policy Regarding Participation in Human Research Projects,
Relations & Fund-Raising Activities

24.   Assurance of Children’s Civil Rights Policy
25.   Volunteer & Student Intern Policy
26.   Adoption by Foster Home of a Child or Sibling Group Who
Becomes Available While in the Foster Home

27.   Sharing of Transfer of a Foster Home
28.   Notification of Foster Caregiver or Relative with Custody of a Child of
the Agency’s Permanent Custody Motion or Prospective Adoption Placement

29.   Foster Caregiver Pre-placement & Continuing Training
30.   Resource Family Bill of Rights

31. Agency-wide Disaster Plan & Exhibits

32.   Appendix A: Procedures for Investigating Alleged Acts of Discrimination
in the Foster Care 
or Adoption Process

33.   Appendix B:  MEPA Employee & Contractor Standards of Conduct

34.   Appendix C: Non-Discrimination Requirements for Foster Care & Adoptive Placement (JFS01611)

35. APPENDIX D: Disqualifying Offenses