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Navigating the World of Foster Parenting: Understanding Your Rights and Embracing Your Responsibilities

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Foster care parenting is a journey of love, compassion, and advocacy while protecting the well-being of vulnerable children. Legally, foster parents in Ohio do not have custody or guardianship of the children in their care; Trumbull County Children Services does. However, foster parents and our Agency share day-to-day responsibility for the children. We’ll dive into the essential rights and responsibilities that define foster care parenting and shed light on the unique challenges and rewards this journey offers.

Foster Parent Responsibilities

  • To meet children’s basic needs for food, clothing and shelter

  • To create a safe place for children to learn and grow

  • To provide a safe environment for children to cope with complex feelings

  • To ensure children feel included and equal in all family activities

  • To provide transportation for children to all appointments, visits, events, etc.

  • To encourage children to participate in social and recreational activities

  • To monitor and strengthen children’s academic progress

  • To provide consistent and realistic guidance and discipline

  • To work with the professionals and birth family as part of the team helping the family

  • To support children’s identity and traditions


Foster Parent Rights

  • To be treated as part of the child welfare team

  • To ensure the well-being of their family

  • To receive proper training and support

  • To receive reimbursement for covering the basic needs of the children in their care

  • To receive children’s medical cards and arrange for their medical care

  • To receive relevant information about children prior to placement

  • To refuse placement of a child in their home

  • To advocate on a child’s behalf for needed services

  • To request the removal of a child from their home when it is necessary for the safety or well-being of the child or other parties

  • To communicate with any educational or medical professionals working with a child

  • To assist in planning visits with the birth family

  • To enroll children in activities


Looking for more information on foster parent rights and responsibilities? We recommend looking Foster Parent Responsibilities from

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